Ultra Fitness and Spa is a private club for those who expect a higher level of service.

Ultra Fitness and Spa is more than just a gym. Our unique fusion of health disciplines
and the innovative philosophies surrounding them set us apart from the rest. We are
a personal training group, a vitamin and supplement shop, a medical practice, a diet
and nutrition counseling service, a spa, a place for relaxation and well-being, as well
as a place to work out. Ultra Fitness and Spa has everything you need in one place
to get and maintain good health and acquire nice body composition. Our system works.

New! Client Testimonials

Whether you already maintain a regular exercise and nutrition regime and just enjoy a relaxing club environment with like-minded individuals, or if you are seeking advice on meeting a specific goal, or are interested in finding out about our state-of-the-art medical treatments, we invite you to consider becoming a member in our private club.